Art Sub Lesson: There’s a Giant in My House! Art History Drawing Activity

Art Sub Lesson: There's a Giant in My House! Art History Drawing Activity

Can be used for 2nd – 6th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 22 pages

I love when art sub plans connect with something current in the media. When I heard that the movie, “The BFG”, (The Big Friendly Giant) was coming out, I went back and revamped this lesson plan.

All of my art sub plans were created so that your sub prep is easy. (What torture to do sub planning when you are sick!!!) So, with this lesson, you can have a sub show the printed-out slides up close to the class. The kids can sit close just as if they were reading a book to the class. The lesson could be projected like a regular PowerPoint. You could also print this out and project it using a document camera. All your sub needs to do to teach this lesson is to read the slides. The slides include all information, questions, and directions that a sub will need to teach a real lesson. (And as a sub/former art teacher myself, you WANT to teach a real lesson and not just provide worksheets.)

The supplies for this lesson are ones you can grab quickly; pencils, paper, and crayons.

This lesson includes art history references, including two paintings by Wyeth and multiple illustrations from vintage storybooks about giants.

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Exactly what I needed! Easy to follow for any sub and fun activity. Thank you!

Give me all my lessons this simple, creative, easy to use and engaging… twelve out of ten!!


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