Art Sub Lesson: Whoosh! I’m Flying! – Tar Beach – Faith Ringgold

Art Sub Lesson: Whoosh!  I'm Flying! - Tar Beach - Faith Ringgold

This can be used to teach K-3rd-grade students.

Included PDF. 18 pages

Tar Beach is recommended to go with this subplan in art. This sub-plan can be used by substitute teachers, art teachers, and classroom teachers. You can read it from start to finish.

The lesson can be presented as a PowerPoint presentation or printed and shown one page at a time.

You will need to have paper, pencils, crayons and Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold as your materials.

Through the slides, the teacher leads the students through questions and answers. This will allow them to encourage their imaginations.

It has worked well for me. This lesson has been enjoyed by my students as well.

These lessons can be used as either an emergency sub-lesson or as lesson that is to be given by a teacher any time.

The lesson has been updated in 2017. This lesson was updated in 2017.

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