Art Sub Lessons: Ancient Greek Vases – Art History Drawing Activity

Art Sub Lessons:  Ancient Greek Vases - Art History Drawing Activity

It can be used as a 3rd, 7th or Homeschool.
Most commonly used by 6th grade students.

Includes PDF and 40 pages

Art Subplan: Grecian Urns to Middle School and Upper Elementary

This lesson combines art history and Ancient Greece. Students create Greecian vases using photos from their lives or other interests. As well as samples from students, there are many visuals of real Greek urns.

BONUS – For the early finishers, you can also do a keyword search on Grecian urns.

The PowerPoint includes a worksheet that the teacher can print and save in advance. This is necessary if the teacher does not wish to allow students to draw a vase by hand. If the teacher wants to use them in the lesson, they can also print out examples. You can print out a word search for students with early finishes if you’d like.

This lesson is designed so that parents, teachers, and subs only need to read through each slide. You can project it as a PowerPoint, print out the slides and show them up close while students are sitting nearby. Or you could have it printed and projected using a document camera.

It’s a fun and interesting resource. The art work was really great!

When teaching Social Studies, I made use of this PP to help students learn about Greeks. The students were required to make their own Greek vase. The PP enabled the students to visually understand the past and what they were expected to do in their project.


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