Art Task Cards Bundle Distance Learning

Art Task Cards Bundle Distance Learning

It can be used by Homeschool students for grades 2-5.

Included: PDF, 32 pages + covers, credits, and copyright

The real thing…not art projects, or coloring pages

Ideal for independent and early-finishing work, Art centers, or as a resource!

This Art Task Card will allow you to bring art into the classroom and give your students something fun and new.


Note: This is a great resource. It is not an interactive digital resourceIt is available here. The pdf file can only be edited by teachers and parents.


Students can use these self-directed tasks on their own, but they could also be used to inspire whole class art activities. These cards are easy to use and can be used in any order. You can keep the entire collection handy so you have it all at hand. You can use them

For early finishers

– In art centres

As independent work

– during choice time

Rainy days:

For substitute plans, please visit:

Prior to vacation

– after testing

This is for entertainment only!

These art task cards can be used independently by students to practice following clear written instructions. They are an excellent starting point to creative exploration of art, problem-solving and opportunities for self expression.

The task cards include a description of the art materials required, directions and two photos of student artwork for students that need visual references. Some activities include additional tips and suggestions to enhance creativity or extend the activity.

The bundle contains A set of art task cards The Art Task Card Set 2

A set of art task cardsIncludes:

8 activities for drawing

8 collage activities

Eight activities that explore the art elements

Artist Task Cards Set 2Includes:

8 activities that demonstrate symmetry

8 Painting Activities

8 Activities that are focused on composition

Each set includes:

Directions and tips for teachers

A list of materials that you need to keep on hand for both basic and more complex tasks

Storage tips for art materials

You will also find information regarding the National Core Visual Arts Standards. This includes how they support Language Arts, Math and Social Studies.

Here are the things teachers need to know:

Take the task cards and copy them. These task cards can be downloaded in.pdf format. There are two pages per page. You can print the pages on card stock in color, cut the corners and then display the tasks cards for long-term use.

Facilitate student access to material Teachers must ensure that all students have the necessary materials for their activities. You will find a complete list in both the preview and the packet.

Provide for follow-up for art lessons as desired.You will find many similar tasks in these task cards to those in my TeachersPayTeachers art lesson. These task cards can be used as an extension to art lessons and allow students to improve their creativity, redo or repeat certain activities, or to do something completely different. It is something that working artists often do.

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A retired teacher in elementary school, I’m also an artist, writer, and former teacher of art. I have a Multiple Subjects credential, a Single Subject credential for Art and English, LDS/ESL certification, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Mathematics focus, and Montessori certification. All elementary grades were covered, as well as special students such at-risk, GATE and ELL. Making Art With Kids Learn from Share2Learn Lessons and materials are created to promote creativity and choice in students and encourage them to make authentic art. The teacher’s individuality and developmental appropriateness are taken into account. This is why the instructions are not specific, expectations are flexible, and student pages with clip art are kept to a minimum.


These are the Terms and Conditions

You are allowed to use the copy in a single classroom. This includes any homeschool classes. An additional license can be purchased at a lower price. Only one classroom may be used for electronic distribution. This resource cannot be made public or available online. It may not also not be placed on classroom or district websites or any other teaching resources websites without the permission of its author. Please do not give away my work. 


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