Art Worksheets Bundle – 25 Ready-to-Use Worksheets for Art

Art Worksheets Bundle - 25 Ready-to-Use Worksheets for Art

It can be used to teach 3rd-12th grade, higher education, and homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 25 pages

This packet contains 25 worksheets that can be used with many different kinds of artwork. Simply choose an artwork and print the worksheet to begin. You will find instructions and lots of room to complete each activity on the front. The majority of these activities are suitable for students at all grades, though a few may not be appropriate for those who have reached high school. This activity is great for students who are bellringers or subs and also helps to deepen art appreciation.

Includes worksheets

  • Art Reflections: “I see, I think, I wonder”
  • Tweet Perspectives
  • Exploring Place: 5 Senses
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Haiku Poems:
  • Write a Cinquain Poem
  • The 4 Steps of Art Criticism
  • Send a letter
  • Character Analysis
  • Get a postcard
  • 5 ‘Ws’ and 1 ‘H’
  • Memory Drawing
  • Stars and a Wish
  • Art on Sale
  • Storyboard
  • Charlotte Mason Picture Study
  • Formal Analysis – Elements
  • Formal Analysis – Principles
  • “I AM” Character Poem
  • Roses & Thorns
  • Narrative
  • Similes & Metaphors
  • Poems about Shape
  • Write a Diamante Poem
  • An autobiographical poem

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These are my favorite!

When tutoring Social Studies, I used them. Combining art with the history that they already knew was how I engaged students.


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