Asia (Bundle): An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

Asia (Bundle): An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

It can be used by K-6th graders, Homeschoolers.

Includes PDF and 70 pages

The Asian bundle contains slideshows about India, Japan, China and Japan. Learn about the culture, food and languages of each country. The book contains 70 pages and gorgeous photos. The slideshows are easy to show to students from your computer. They can also be printed to make a book for use in research centers or to display to class. This slideshow is also popular among teachers for impressing parents during multicultural nights.

These PDF downloads are in PDF format and cannot be edited as a PDF. These PDF files can be opened in TPT EASEL and you can add/remove pages or add content. You can provide an EASEL activity that your students can use to answer questions, highlight or circle things and then write about their learnings. They are also included in this download.

This package includes:


Map of China

Most popular food

Photos of various landscapes

panda bears

Traditional clothes

Examples of Mandarin Chinese Language

Some of the most interesting Chinese things are: chopsticks; ping-pong; martial arts

Chinese New Year

You should visit the Great Wall of China and Forbidden city

Definition of “Made in China”.

“Are fortune-telling cookies from China?”

Art and Craft Examples: Pottery, Jade Carving, Bronzes, Calligraphy and Ink Painting, Screens, Terracotta Army

Things invented in China


A map of Japan

Most popular food

Learn a few Japanese words and phrases

You might also see cherry blossoms in Japan, rickshaws or rickshaws as well as kabuki theatre.

Traditional clothes

Arts and Crafts – calligraphy, origami, manga, animation, woodblock prints, or manga

Hokusai, “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”,


Map of India

Most popular food

tea plantations

Photos of various landscapes

Traditional clothes

Here are some examples of Hindi.

Interesting things to do in India include the Taj Mahal and animals like Bengal Tigers, snake charmers or Ganges River.


The Jungle Book

Examples of arts and craft: marionettes, miniature painting; fabric decoration; carving.

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This was extremely helpful. The materials were very useful in creating my interactive google slides.

I loved this addition to the unit


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