Autumn: Aboriginal Art: Falling for Fall

Autumn: Aboriginal Art: Falling for Fall

It can be used by 3rd-8th grade, Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 17 Pages

The arrival of Fall is here! Let’s celebrate it by creating Aboriginal Art.

Aboriginal artists often use kangaroos to paint snakes, lizards, and other symbols. The theme of our Fall Leaf will be the main focus.

This is an easy way to use both warm and cool colors.

You can use this project to help your students get started in Aboriginal Art.

Students will be proud to show off all their achievements and amazed at the results.


  • Grades 3 through 6.


  • Pointillism and painting

Visual Language

  • Repetition
  • Use warm colours
  • The Coolest Colors


  • White cardboard, 14 x 18 cm
  • Water, paintbrush
  • Tempera paint (solid)
  • Tempera paint (liquid)
  • Chinese ink, in block format (or in black felt or paint).
  • Wooden kabob sticks (or regular pencil.)
  • Q-tips
  • Styrofoam plates

This is what you will get:

  • This project requires detailed instructions with explanation photos.
  • Images of Australia will be used to launch this project.
  • Description of Aboriginal Art
  • A painting of Aboriginal Art.
  • The evaluation rubric.
  • Eight different leaf drawings are used to create a variety of products.
  • Eight images of leaf illustrations that you can colour and print for the following purpose: The project is too difficult to complete with your students. Preschool through Grade 1. After they have finished working, you want them to color them.

It takes approximately 4 times.

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This is a great resource. The product did not include blackline masters to draw the four types of leaves. For younger students who have difficulty drawing, this would come in handy. The product doesn’t seem worth $4 without blackline masters.

WOW! What a wonderful resource. It’s stunning and it has a Australia lesson. It is very similar in concept to metis pointillism.


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