Back to School Art Project – Students Nameplates: In the Style of Roméro Britto

Back to School Art Project - Students Nameplates:  In the Style of Roméro Britto

It can be used to help 2nd-6th-grade students.

Includes PDF and 8 pages

Enjoy this enriching, fun activity to kick off your year artistically. This is an art project that will help you identify the desks of your students.

Using colored felts, each student is shown how to create their own nameplate in the manner of Roméro Britto.

This is a great way to learn patterns.

This document cannot be edited. Students will be able to make their own nameplate.

My store also offers a complimentary document for teaching patterns.


  • Grade 1


  • Drawing

The visual language

  • Designs
  • Thin lines


  • Permanently Coloured felt
  • Permanent Black felts
  • White cardboard

This document contains:

  • Photos and a step-by-step explanation
  • An evaluation rubric
  • This guideline will help you create hollow letters.
  • Lettering style examples (font)

Enjoy a wonderful school year

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It was a mistake that I made. I thought I could create name plates for class which the students would then be able color using this purchase. It’s a guide.

This is being used by students to embellish their art portfolios’ fronts. It will be used in fall by me to help my 200 students with art create desk plates that I can use until they are all named.


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