Back To School Drama Circle

Back To School Drama Circle

It can be used to make 4th–7th
Most commonly used for 5th through 6th grades.

Included: PDF, 23 Pages

This drama activity that has a school-themed theme uses a similar structure to the game “I Have/Who Has”. This could be a good icebreaker activity for the first week. The 40 cards are arranged in a series, each with a different instruction. To perform the scenarios, students gather in a circle. After each student has finished acting out their card, the next person with the same sequence of cards starts acting out his/her card. Continue the game until you have acted out your last card.

*** This resource was updated August 2019 to include a new look, Observation Assessment Page, as well as a black and white version.

My Drama Circle includes this drama circle Drama Circle Holiday BundleIt contains seven different holiday-themed drama circle.

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This was a great way to end the school day, especially on our first day of school. It worked well and everyone had a lot of fun. We appreciate your efforts!

These cards were so much fun! This was a great activity for my kids! We appreciate your bringing the drama to our morning meetings and making it more fun.


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