Baile viernes for a year! Dance slides brain breaks for Spanish class

Baile viernes for a year! Dance slides brain breaks for Spanish class

This can be used by 8th-12th grade students.

Includes PDF and 36 pages

These Google Slide editable music bell ringers Please see the following: Spanish Class Your class will begin with a bang All levels can adapt the culture-infused dances. Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3. Spanish 4, and Middle school Exploratory as a fun classroom management routine.

One of my favorite days in class is Baile viernes. This is an excellent way to communicate your ideas. Start a class Or to be used as an a Brain breakThese are. These can be used to motivate students, either in person or online.

You get enough product Spanish Class for the Whole Year: Spanish Bell Ringers With 36 slidesSome holiday dances can be done around Christmas or Halloween, while others are suitable for any other time. Each dance includes both a link and an embedded video.

To play these songs, you will need to have internet access and Youtube. These songs can also be used to manage classrooms in a 5-minute routine.

**Please make sure to preview all songs before using. All of the songs I’ve used in class have worked for me, but every school is unique.

This dance resource contains videos that are both Zumba- and Just Dance in Spanish. Some seasonal elements have been added. The newest videos are recommended by me. Baile viernes 2021

Why do you dance?

Dance videos can be great for classes with active movements and short breaks. As a weekly event, it can be started on Friday. baile viernes, It can be used to provide a needed movement break on any given day. If you are teaching on a schedule, it is even more important. This helps to build positive school communities.


So how do you encourage high school students to take up dancing in classes? It is important that the teacher leads the way. Making a fool out of yourself by learning to dance with them is okay. We might attempt a song, but the student may decide that they don’t like it. This is fine & usually because it is too hard, so you can quickly change to their favorite by request. There have been classes where the students weren’t as enthusiastic about dancing. This is okay. It is also a good way to start Fridays with a smile. This is particularly important for game days or before long weekend.

Check out what teachers have to say.

  • Baile Viernes, a must-have for every Spanish class, is, in my opinion, the most simple thing you can do. It builds community and engagement and fosters a love of the culture. – Samantha F
  • It’s a great way to begin class on Fridays, when students want nothing more than to go home. Sometimes I have all my students do this together, and other times we hold a contest to determine which student can do the most dance moves. It’s a great way to introduce your students Spanish and Latin music to them in a playful and interactive manner. Kate A
  • Thank you for finding the right videos and songs to use in class, it was a pleasure! I love all the music! – Jessica L


This is part of the Bundle Para Empezar – 1 year Spanish bell ringers/ Brain breaks #2


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This is a fantastic way to get your students out of their chairs and move!

Baile Viernes, a must-have for every Spanish class, is simple and easy to learn and fosters a sense of community and engagement.


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