Body Percussion Bundle

Body Percussion Bundle

Can be used for PreK – 2nd students.

Includes: PDF, 100 pages

Everything you need for a body percussion unit is in this bundle! You save 20% off the price of purchasing these kits separately by buying this bundle.

I used this in a variety of ways in the classes. Students enjoyed the power point – challenging themselves to be accurate and fast. We also built our own patterns and shared them with the class, challenging the class to repeat the patterns created.
Now that the students are familiar with the resource I use the power point as a “tuning in” activity at the beginning of lessons or as a brain break after written work (or a quick “fill in” if i have waiting for students to be collected by their class teacher).
The creative options will be useful for assessment as the semester progresses.

Easy to use, easy to understand. A great resource if you are teaching or creating your own body percussion activities. Or, print them out on paper squares and have students arrange them to create their own movement patterns!


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