Body Percussion Clip Art | Kids clapping, tapping, clicking and stamping

Body Percussion Clip Art | Kids clapping, tapping, clicking and stamping

This can be used by PreK – 6th-grade, Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 16 Pages

Clip Art for Body Percussion: Clap. Tap. Click. Stamp

Clap! Tap! Tap! Stamp!

This clipart depicts body percussion, which is perfect for any music-related products and projects.

These graphics are available for commercial purposes:

Clapping of the hands

– fingers clicking / snapping

– foot stamping

Hand tapping on the knee

Child clapping their hands

Foot stamping for children

Child patting the knees

– child clicking fingers

The above images are available in black and white and color line art. There are many skin colors included in the color images.

The PNG format allows you to have transparent backgrounds. The file is compressed and zipped.

Graphics of high quality, 300 dpi

These images may be used commercially, as well as in TeachersPayTeachers-related products.


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Music teachers will find high quality clipart.


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Music clipart featuring body percussion.

I appreciate the variety of skin tones. These illustrations help me and my ESL students, especially younger ones, to better understand the patterns of body percussion.

To create body drumming to accompany the music lessons, I used this clipart. The worksheet was easy to print and send home with our school’s take-home packets.


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