Brain Break – Superhero Freeze Dance

Brain Break - Superhero Freeze Dance

This can be used to support PreK-5th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 39 Pages

You need a quick and fun activity that will fill in a little bit of time with music or PE, then Superhero Freeze Dancing is for you. Teachers in the classroom: Are you searching for an activity that will get kids moving and gives them a break from their daily routine?

You can also try the Freeze Dance. You can turn on fun music and show different pictures each time you press pause. This is a great way for students to be superheroes. This document includes 38 great poses for students.

The file can be found in the money saving package: All Year Freeze Bundle

Get ready to dance by turning on your favourite superhero song. Here are 8 links that I love to pair with this set.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to copyright problems, an mp3 file of the music cannot be included.

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A wonderful, useful resource. As a warm up, I used this in my elementary music classes. I will definitely be using it again.

All forms of frozen dance are a favorite with my students, and this one was no exception. It provided a good brain exercise and was an excellent way to get the wiggles out.


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