Brain Breaks & Activity Cards for Classroom Management

Brain Breaks & Activity Cards for Classroom Management

This can be used by PreK-3rd graders, as well as Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 40 Pages

These are the best Class Breaks packIncludes 76 activities and brain breaks (games and centers, songs and dances) that you can use daily in your classroom management system.

These energetic and fun breaks are sure to get students moving. These breaks are great for transitions before or after work, and when there’s been some inactivity. It’s quick and easy!

The CLASS Breaks Pack is part in an 8-pack BUNDLE CLASS management. This bundle includes the same design and style at a low $ savings. You can check it out Click HereUse FUN tools to manage and engage your students in class!

Breaks This pack includes 76 common, new, and creative ideas for different breaks and ideas in color and black & white versions. You will also find a title poster to hang where your cards can be found. The cards can be printed and laminated. The cards can be kept in a little box with a hole punched or put into a bag and attached to a band. You can use them every day.

Students will enjoy these activities, and with some practice they should be able complete them quickly. These activities can be used in a class for those who need a break, or as individual breaks when students are needed.

Includes breaks

Brain breaks: Activities the entire class can participate in to help get their bodies moving

Breaks for activity – Games, centers and activities that can be done alone, with small groups or in a group.

These are just a few of the 76:

Puddle Jump

Frog Hop

A Dance Party

Sing a song

Jump Rope


Hop Scotch

You can stretch it out

Exercise video (Go Noodle).

Deep Breathing

Jumping Jacks

Go Bananas


Chicken Dance

Yoga Pose

Tree Pose

Plank Pose

Crossing the Midline

Toe Touches

Clap Together

Head & Shoulders

You will instantly be able download the PDF file after you have purchased. From there, print in colour on white paper or in black & white on coloured paper.

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The SEL Program is required in all classrooms.

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It’s a wonderful resource. It was printed on Astrobright and laminated. Perfect for quick brain breaks. They would beg me to do it for them.

These cards are useful because I don’t often use longer brain breaks. It is often difficult for me to come up with a brain-break that I can use to help my children. My ADHD can often cause my brain to wander in these empty moments. The brain break cards can be used on popsicle stick – I have my students use a bucket to draw the cards and take five minutes for them to get their wiggles out.


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