Bucket Drumming 101

Bucket Drumming 101

This can be used by 1st-6th grade students.

Included: PDF, 152 Pages

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This introduction kit will introduce your kids to bucket drumming!

The file contains 152 pages worth of activities and rhythms to help your students get moving. To create 4 beat rhythmic patterns, this introductory file includes quarter notes, quarter rests and paired eighth notes.

The kit comes with three files

*** Bucket Drumming 101 File ***

It includes 8 fundamental rhythms that use quarter notes, quarter breaks, and paired eighths. Includes an explanation of where the bucket should be placed. These pages will show you which bucket parts sound the best. The teacher can choose the best place for students to play.

These rhythms can be broken down into count (1+2+3+4+), and then broken down again using the following pattern. Clap/count rhythm, play left hand, play right hand, or alternate hands. You can label alternate hand patterns for both a right and left handed start.

*** Bucket Drumming 101 Two-Part Ensemble ***

You can improve your skills at bucket drumming by making a second ensemble. This PDF uses the same rhythms as the original PDF and creates 15 different rhythmic combinations that your students can perform.

You can present each two-part rhythm in the following manner: use alternating hands to play/count rhythm 1, and then play/count Rhythm 2, using alternating arms. Then, you will play both rhythms by using your alternating hands. The rhythms should all be reviewed in unison by students. After that, they can be used with alternating hands. Each rhythm is labeled using either the right or left hand.

*** Bucket Drumming 101 Two Hands ***

The file contains 8 patterns that can be used by each student. The rhythms can be reviewed with either the right or left handed. There are also combinations of patterns that can be used to make a rhythmic two-part pattern. Each rhythm is labeled using either the right or left hand.

Soon, additional Bucket Drumming activities are planned. Other concepts include triple meter and dotted rhythms as well as sixteenth notes and improvisation. We are open to any other suggestions or requests!

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I have found that my students really enjoy the easy rhythms of this resource. It was easy for me to understand, even though I’ve never taught bucket drumming. This gave me an opportunity to get started.

It was the ideal resource for my coop music class. This was easy to use and open. Although it was challenging for them, they didn’t find it too difficult. Their skills, as well as their eye/hand coordination were put to the ultimate test. It was a great experience for all of us.


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