Bucket Drumming 102

Bucket Drumming 102

This can be used by 3rd-6th grade students.

Included: 200 pages PDF

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This continuing introduction kit will introduce your kids to bucket drumming!

The file contains 200 pages of activities and rhythms to help your students move! The introductory file contains sixteenth, quarter, and quarter rests. It also includes paired eighth notes. These notes are used to make simple rhythmic patterns of four beats.

This kit includes five files:

*** Bucket Drumming 102 File ***

Include 11 rhythms using quarter notes, sixteenth notes and quarter rests. This file does not have the “parts of the bucket” slides that the 101 file includes.

The rhythms are divided into counts (e+a2e+a3e+a4e+a4) and are then broken down according to the following pattern. Clap/count the rhythm, use your left hand for play, right-hand play, and alternate between the hands. You can label alternate hand patterns for either a right or left handed start.

Also introduced in the 102 file… hands “together” being represented with a “T.” Some patterns involve combinations of right hand only, left hand only, together, or alternating!

*** Bucket Drumming 102 Two-Part Ensemble ***

Create a 2-part bucket ensemble to improve your drumming skills! The second PDF contains 10 combinations of rhythms that you can use to teach your students.

The two-part rhythms are presented as follows: Play/Count rhythm #1 using alternate hands; play/Count rhythm #2 with alternating hand; and both rhythms with alternating fingers. Each rhythm should be reviewed together with the students. Then, it is recommended that all students play both rhythms in a divided class. Each rhythm is labeled using either the right or left hand.

*** Bucket Drumming 102 Two Hands ***

The file contains 10 patterns that can be used by each student. You can review each rhythm using your left or right hand. You can then combine patterns together to form a 2-part rhythmic pattern. You can label all rhythms with either your right or left hands.

This file also points out that sometimes our hands play “together” even when it is not written that way!

*** Bucket Drumming 102 Three Parts ***

Expand your students’ drumming skills with this file that uses a new element to add to the rhythmic combinations… feet!

“Stomp” is added as a new rhythmic piece to the pattern. The five rhythm patterns below are very simple but will encourage your students to use their hands and feet.

*** Bucket Drumming 102 Composition Worksheets ***

This file contains three worksheets that your students can use to create their four-beat patterns. A two-hand four beat pattern scaffold is included in one worksheet. Two four-beat pattern scaffolds in two different formats are included on the second worksheet. For the fourth beat pattern, the third page contains the Stomping element.

Other Bucket Drumming Activities will soon be available. You will also find additional concepts like triple meter and dotted rhythms as well as eighth-sixteenth pattern patterns and improvisation. We are open to any other suggestions or requests!

We value all your comments and suggestions. Leave feedback and ratings!

Thank you!

Cheers, Amy

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