Cakes Powerpoint for Culinary Arts/Foods course

Cakes Powerpoint  for Culinary Arts/Foods course

It can be used to help 9th -12th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 38 Pages

The Cake powerpoint bundle and the lab ideas bundle are intended to be used in family and consumer science cooking arts courses or food courses. These 38 slides provide a detailed look at cake topics.

Delicious cakes

Ingredients for cakes: flour, shortenings, sweeteners and eggs.

Mixing Methods- Creaming Method & Sponge Method

Common Problems with Cakes

Preparation of Pan


Filling & Assembling Layers

Finishing & Decorating

A Cake Glossary

Below are other products found in my cake unit

Guided notes

Digital Worksheet

Extra Assignment

Lab Alternative Assignment

International Assignment


It is also possible to get everything as A bundle, hereThis is a cheaper option than purchasing all files individually and includes bonus files with lab/recipe suggestions!

Are you able to take guided notes? I love the powerpoint, and the frosting with chocolate was delicious.

Was great for CDL!


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