Candy Pop Art and Pop Art History Activities

Candy Pop Art and Pop Art History Activities

Useful for the 6th-12th
This is a popular choice for 7th through 10th graders.

Included: PDF, 54 Pages

Art history lessons for 6th-12th grades. Your students should be taught the history and application of Pop art. Have them identify with another person and debate whether this art is real or fake. Then have them create their Pop Art from candy. For students in Art/History classes, Jr. High or High School. Step-by step instructions with lots of examples for student work

Very cute art lesson. The students loved it.

This resource was used as a project addition to my Pop Art Lesson. I also included a slideshow. This packet’s “how-to” description and the bright pictures are perfect. If you don’t have Halloween-loving children, this is a great lesson for them.


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