Carnival of the Animals Listening Glyph

Carnival of the Animals Listening Glyph

Useful for K-5th
This is a common method of teaching 1st- and 2nd-year students.

This includes: PDF (45 pages)

The set includes 14 listening glyphs that correspond to the Carnival of the Animals movements. There are two choices for each glyph.

Each glyph can be used in two ways.

1. Glyphs are for younger students – includes general terms such as fast/slow/loud, loud/quiet and drummers/no drummers, like/didn’t like.

2. Glyphs for seniors- includes music vocabulary such as forte/piano or adagio/allegro.

*Another set has also been included with the terms presto and largo in place of adagio and allegro.

This glyph can be used for each of the Carnival of the Animals movements. Play the music and students can color according to their hearing.

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My younger students love this book. Although we have trouble with the first few pages while they understand and learn about the concept of colour restrictions, I am able to project an image on my computer and show them the final result.

This recipe was hugely popular! The music was great and my students enjoyed coloring. Some of the colors were not as I had expected. For example, a green kangaroo. This was to make sure they were actually listening and not coloring the glyphs to match their real-life animals.


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