Castle Drawing in the Style of Mary Blair

Castle Drawing in the Style of Mary Blair

It can be used by 2nd – 6th-grade Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 34 pages

Mary Blair’s style is a great inspiration for creating a fairytale castle. Mary Blair is well-known for creating the Disney’s It’s a Small World castle. Students will be able to get creative ideas for designing castles, doors, windows and domes in this fun, modern design style. You can use this lesson for any level of ability. There are many options for starting, including the grid pager, blank pages, and other quick-start pages. For fun, there are pages you can colour for both kids and adults. This book is a great way to learn valuable lessons. A Pocket Full of Colours: The Magical World of Mary Blair – Disney Artist Extraordinaire

Make sure you check the Version collaborative of this lessonTo create large murals of castles!

The following is what your students will do:

• OPTIONAL: Read a book about Mary Blair (not included) **

• See an illustration of Mary Blair

• Test out a color palette

• Explore media/color combinations

• Design a castle, clock face and sun

• Add color using their color and media choices

What you get:

• Teacher Instructions (8 pages)

• Student Instructions (1 page)

• Color Exploration Pages (2 pages)

• Castle Drawing Ideas (4 pages)

• Dome Drawing Ideas (3 pages)

• Sun Drawing Ideas (3 pages)

• Clock Face Drawing Ideas (3 pages)

• Blank Castle – Quick Start (3 pages)

• Grid Paper (1 page)

• Print & Go (1 page)

• Coloring Pages (3 pages)

• Mary Blair Portrait (2 pages)

>>>>> A total of 34 pages

You can take a peek at each page by looking at the preview.

** I recommend buying or borrowing The book, A Pocket Full of Colours: The Magical World of Mary Blair – Disney Artist Extraordinaire Use this as an introduction.

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Expressive Monkey

I loved the role as a designer activity. The first graders who used it loved it, and they did an amazing job. The perfect activity to complement our learning on Mary Blair.

Being a big Mary Blair and Disney fan, it was a great opportunity to utilize this resource. Their Castles were amazing because of the engagement shown by students.


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