Celebrating 25 Black Musicians! Music Bulletin Board ~Black History Month~

Celebrating 25 Black Musicians! Music Bulletin Board ~Black History Month~

This can be used by K-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

This “Print and Post” bulletin board pack is intended to highlight significant black musicians from around the world and their contributions to the development of music and is great for Black History Month. This poster set highlights one or two artists from jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, opera, blues, gospel, funk, and calypso because if I made a set to highlight all the significant names it would be never-ending!

It was ridiculously difficult to limit this poster set to 25 musicians since there are so many black singers, composers, musicians, instrumentalists, producers, and dancers who have been pivotal players in music’s development in the past 150 years. Below is a blog about the various resources I use for Black History Month.

This product also includes:

*25 different posters featuring influential black musicians from a variety of genres.

*A set of poster/letters to use as a bulletin board banner that spell out “The Best of the Best!”

*Musicians featured include: Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Beyoncé, Scott Joplin, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Etta James, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Leontyne Price, Billie Holiday, and more!

*All slides can be printed in black and white but are set in multiple colors.

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Visit my blog to find even more resources and ideas! MakeMomentsMatter.org

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These slides can only be used in a classroom setting. The buyer does not own the rights to distribute or share these slides. A slide may be copied to use in PowerPoint. These slides can be copied for use in your classroom but not commercially. We are grateful!

This is an outstanding resource. They were placed outside my classroom, and I made a digital lesson with them to facilitate in-class learning.

These could be used virtually to showcase different artists of color. It was so cool to see how varied they were.


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