Characterization and Stage Directions Lesson

Stage Directions Lesson 1409849581

Can be used for 5th – 8th
Mostly used with 7th and 8th students.

Includes: PDF,


This lessons helps students understand the importance of stage directions and how it affect the reader/audience’s impression of the characters.

This lesson has students rotating between three stations where they read a short scene from a play. At each station only the stage directions are changed and students record on a graphic organizer how that changed their perception of the character. (The scene is short enough for students to read, discuss, reflect multiple times in one class period!)

At the forth and final station, students reflect on what they have learned and write their own version of the same scene, changing the stage directions to change the character’s perceived traits.

I created this lesson for use in my own classroom. The students enjoyed working in groups, moving around the room, and it really opened their eyes to the importance of stage directions!

Not what I was expecting when I bought this resource, which is partially my fault. I thought it would have stage directions/blocking, such as cross stage left, included. Instead it has different emotions from the playwright in the script for a scene to showcase how that can change a scene. My middle school kids didn’t really “get it”, but the resource is based on a creative idea. I wish it was a little longer/more elaborate at each station.

This worked out wonderfully. We talked about how the actions of the characters changed the scenario and the way each were perceived. I will definitely use this again and again.


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