Children’s Literature for the Music Classroom {Story and Song}

Children's Literature for the Music Classroom {Story and Song}

Can be used for K – 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 64 pages

If you are looking for ways to incorporate children’s literature into your music lessons, while practicing music theory concepts and skills such as rhythm and vocal exploration, these set of children’s literature music lessons are perfect! Not only will these children’s literature music lessons allow you to improve students’ musical understanding, they can work for sub plans too!

This set includes these six mini-lessons:

  • “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Andreae and Parker-Rees: For musical styles/ genres, includes bulletin board and link to playlist
  • “Old Bear” by Kevin Henkes: Incorporates “Grizzly Bear” song; notation included
  • “Quick as a Cricket” by Audrey and Don Wood: For musical opposites, includes bulletin board
  • “What Will Fat Cat Sit On?” by Jan Thomas: For vocal exploration, incorporates “I have a cat” chant, notation included
  • “Doggone Dogs” by Beaumont and Catrow: For quarter and eighth notes (ta and ti-ti), incorporates “Bow Wow Wow” song, notation included
  • “Winter Lullaby” by Seuling and Newbold: For vocal exploration

This set also includes:

  • A list of singalong books
  • Notation for the song “Who killed Cock Robin?”, for use with the book by Kevin O’Malley
  • A book index with dozens of children’s books, indexed by grade level(s), concepts/skills, and more

Check out what people are saying about this resource:

“This is so wonderful! Teachers in my school really appreciate this exposure to literature!

This file is amazing! This file is exactly what I need this year. It’s exactly what I need to share literature with my PreK/K children.

These lessons have saved me so much time and I’m excited to share them with my students.

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This is an excellent resource. It’s exactly what I was looking to do at the close of last year. I would love to use more children’s literature in my music class, especially since we will be limited in our activities. I like the lessons and the suggested grade levels for each book. We are grateful!

It was fun to find books that would fit in my music class. Aileen has many great ideas for books. I can’t wait for more!


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