Christmas and Celebrations Around The World Crafts and Literacy Printables

Christmas and Celebrations Around The World Crafts and Literacy Printables

Can be used for K – 2nd, Homeschool
Mostly used with 1st and 2nd students.

Includes: PDF, 155 pages

It’s such a good feeling when Christmas craziness starts in December and you remember that you’re all planned and ready to go!

This collection includes all you need to explore the different cultural celebrations in December.

More than 150 pages of literacy printables and 8 step-by step art projects!

You can

  • choose from the differentiated activities to make a booklet for each student.
  • You can also pick and choose one project per day to use in your new country.

As a busy teacher, it can be difficult to plan during busy times like Christmas. For December to be successful, we need challenging, engaging, but simple-to-prep activities.

This resource is only allowed for use in a single classroom. Outschool and commercial use are not permitted.

This pack contains

  • a comprehensive and engaging exploration of celebrations around the world
  • 8 countries to explore through differentiated activities
  • 12 pages of literacy activities to choose from
  • a culturally relevant craft that requires very few materials
  • step by step photo directions

UPDATE! A complete set of flipbooks has been added for students to color, assemble and read. These flipbooks are only one page per student so that there is no preparation for the teacher.

More Details

This pack includes winter celebrations from around the world.

Christmas is the focal point in many areas. However, it also includes Diwali and Chinese New Year (China).

You can’t fit them all in December. You don’t have to stop at Christmas. Instead, you can continue studying Chinese New Year in January.

8 Different Countries and Cultures

Christmas is explored in Mexico, Australia, Germany, Canada, England, Sweden.

Diwali can be found in India and Chinese New Year in China.


The literacy printables are created for different levels of writing ability, so each booklet can be created to look the same, but contain differing levels of difficulty inside.

Step By Step Photos

Each art lesson has step-by-step photos and descriptions to walk you through the process. This page can be shown to students during their work, so that they can refer back to it.

Please click the PREVIEW button above to see many examples of the artwork included as well as the many activities. A few pages are available for you to share with your students.

If you want to make your own printables or decor items, the clip art in these sets is also available.

Celebrations Around The World Clip Art BUNDLE

FREE Christmas Tree Art Project and Printables!

Just click and download the preview to try several printable literacy pages, and a simple Christmas tree art project to use as a final project! You can use as shown with country flags, or decorate it your own way!

I hope you enjoy it as much as my class did!

: )

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I genuinely appreciate the lovely feedback I’ve received on these art units!

Keeping art alive in classrooms by integrating it with other subjects is near and dear to my heart – thank you for helping!

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Every year my kids pick a few Countries they want to learn Christmas celebrations for.This packet was great as it had all the Countries they chose.We took it a bit further and added some videos,stories and crafts.

I purchased it several years ago and have really enjoyed the package. I still use several activities every year. I have used it a lot.


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