Christmas Craft – Finger painting Craft EDITABLE

Christmas Craft - Finger painting Craft EDITABLE

It can be used to teach PreK-3rd
This is mainly used for Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 14 Pages

Easy to prepare and clean up, this Christmas finger painting project is a great way to get creative! You have several choices. I also created an editable version to the Love Page for those friends in your class that don’t celebrate Christmas. It allows you to modify it according to your friend’s needs.

Finger painting will allow students to create different colors of light bulbs. The final page should be mated on bright card stock. This is what we make to give our parents as holiday gifts.

This is one of my favourite crafts that students can make for their family at Christmas. This is a great craft for elementary students, and I will be using it again.

We are grateful for the opportunity to use this tool. This resource was great for both my in-person and online students. It turned out adorable!


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