Christmas Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

Christmas Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

This can be used to help PreK-8th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 131 Pages

New worksheets for Alto and Tenor Clef added December 2019,


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The worksheets are full of Christmas music fun. All of the activities are focused around basic music theory, such as note identification (treble/bass/alto/tenor), note and rest durations, and dynamics.

Check out the preview file to view all of the worksheets.Due to compression, the preview file can appear blurry. But, you can still see the entire file in its entirety.


  • Line/Space Treble/Bass/Alto/Tenor (77 Pages)
  • Rhythm/Note/Rest (34 pages)
    • Most of the time, whole-quarter-quarter lengths. There are also options for eight-day durations.
  • 8 Pages – Dynamics
  • Colour by Symbol: 3 Color Scenes and 4 Versions (each with dynamics, notes/rests),


The item was updated on November 28, 2015. This pack includes the original worksheets, which are free if you’re looking for an older product that you may have found on Pinterest.


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