Circus Themed Musical Performance Script for Elementary Students

Circus Themed Musical Performance Script for Elementary Students

Can be used for K – 5th, Not Grade Specific students.

Includes: PDF, 23 pages


This Circus themed performance package can be used by an elementary classroom teacher, a music teacher, a summer camp coordinator, a vacation bible school, or a drama program instructor.

60 students took part in the original show from my drama class (K-5th). I divided them into three groups each of 20 students. This show could be performed with fewer students or more depending on which class you are in and where it is being performed.

The show lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Some grouping options are:

-One class (25 students) split into 3 cast groups

-Three classes each taking a cast group

-Six classes with two classes in each cast group

The cast groups are:

1. Ringmaster group

2. Clown group

3. Mixed Performer group

This product contains the entire script, skits, song and dance music recommendations and links, full color printable participation certificate, various tools for organization and posting, ideas for costumes, show management, props and stage décor!!!

Resource Table of Contents:

-Cast and Costuming Teacher Notes

-Dancing Circus World Script

-Show Tips and Ideas

-Show Order Sheet

-Ringmaster(s) lines (printable for students to memorize)

-Circus Monster Skit

-Madame Zenduli Fortune Teller Skit

-I Gotta Go WEE! Skit

-Elephant Dance and Elephant Poop Skit

-Math Magician Skit

-Math Magic Cards and Directions

-Crying Skit

-Director’s Sheet

-Music Recommendations and Links

-Participation Certificate

*NOT INCLUDED* due to copyright no music files could be sold with this product. I recommend purchasing tracks from places like Amazon or iTunes.

Make sure to watch my TPT preview video to see photos of the kids in action, and get some ideas for costuming and stage décor!

If you would like to see a longer live action preview video, you can visit my You Tube channel at Kids Center Stage YouTube

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