CKLA Grade 2 Domain 3 Ancient Greek Review Centers

CKLA Grade 2 Domain 3 Ancient Greek Review Centers

It can also be used by 2nd-year students.

Includes PDF and 54 pages

These Ancient Greece centers are perfectly aligned with CKLA’s Domain 3 on the ancient Greek civilization. Not only will it be engaging and fun, but also easy for you to plan and organize. They were created with teachers in mind. These centers are easy to print and can be prepared for class in minutes (7 of the 8 activities require only printing and cutting).

Table of contents:

1. Compare Contrast Sorts

Poseidon, Athena

b. Ancient Olympics and Modern-Day Olympics

c. Athens and Sparta: A Life

2. Guess Who? Guess Who?

3. The Letter of a Philosopher

4. Project Art: Parthenon Pediment Design

5. Alexander the Great: Roll to Draw

6. 7.

7. Domain Review Vocabulary game BINGO

8. 8. Riddles Around The Room


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It was so simple to learn this lesson. It’s a great resource for CKLA.

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