Claude Monet Magic Solution – Great Claude Monet Art Project for Kids!

Claude Monet Magic Solution - Great Claude Monet Art Project for Kids!

This can be used by PreK-K, 4th and Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 20 pages

Monet: Reflections & Symmetry using Monet’s “magic solution.” The work of Claude Monet is a favorite among students. Learn how to teach reflections through Monet’s Magic Solution by using my detailed instructions and step-by–step video demonstration.

You can also download a slide show that introduces Monet. It is one lesson that students will be able to remember for many years. My 3rd- and 4th-grade students still remember this lesson from Kindergarten.

Also, you might like these Monet Collaboration PosterYou can!

This trick is great for art teachers who already know Monet. The possibilities for using this technique in the classroom are limitless and it will be a great tool to have on hand for you!

This project will require liquid starch.

You must know this new trick if you are going to teach your students symmetry.

It is a zip file. You can get help if you are having trouble opening the ZIP file. HERE.

It is my hope that your students will enjoy it!

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I can’t wait for it to be done. You always have great materials. I would not buy this product from anyone else. But I was certain that it would be good quality if it were from you.

This was the most popular art activity for my students in this school year. The pastel mirror images were a hit with them all. We showed them Monet’s works and they were most impressed by the range of his creations.


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