Clock Clip Art Intervals – Every 5 Minutes

Clock Clip Art Intervals - Every 5 Minutes

It can be used as a PreK-12th, Homeschool, or Staff.
This is a common use for second-year students.

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Clock Clipart Intervals – Every 5 Minutes

Clip Art Set for Clock Face Intervals. Graphics are available every five minutes. These high-quality graphics include 294 in total. There are 2 alarm clocks with gold dials and 2 white and black clock faces. These transparent PNGs can be easily layered or resized within your products and worksheets.

You can choose from two versions of this clock:

Minute marks are placed on the faces of the -clock face

Faces of the clock without minute marks

Combining the clock faces and other clip art can create unique clocks, as shown in the thumbnail. For your convenience, I have included black-and-white alarm clocks as well as gold colored clock faces in this file. You can also download other colored clocks from my store.

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This clipart is for you. I trust that it will be useful and enjoyable.

These images may be used in educational products that are sold digitally. Include a link to my website or use the logo that is in this file. You can also download the graphic logo from my online shops.

Download the complete Terms of Use.

Please contact me with any questions in the ‘Product Q & A’ section of this page.

It is an excellent resource to make task cards or timesheets. The hour hand moves with the minute hand, which I find very cool. Thank you!

This was an amazing resource. The clock images are so clear and easy to understand. There are so many great clock options in this package. These clocks have greatly helped me in my teaching. Many thanks! Thanks!


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