Close Reading With Music-Engage Your Readers! Two Volumes | Distance Learning

Close Reading With Music-Engage Your Readers! Two Volumes | Distance Learning

Useful for the 4th-8th
Most commonly used for 5th through 6th grades.

Includes PDF and 296 pages

Music and close reading can be a great way to get your students involved in reading.


This resource contains Volumes 1 and 2, which include 72 songs, 72 songs, 72 questions sets, and answer keys.

Digital version using Google Slides ™ now included on all sets!

Music allows us to let out our emotions and allow ourselves to feel. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express themselves…why not teach with music in our classrooms?

There are many great benefits to close listening with music!

• Your students will ENJOY close reading!

• Engaging for all students

• Deepens comprehension

• Promotes student talk

• Cite evidence from text

• Analyze song lyrics (helps with poetry and transfers to other types of texts)

• Improves listening and speaking skills

• Helps struggling readers (listen to lyrics first)

• Teach multiple concepts and skills: theme, inferencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, author’s purpose, observing details and facts

• Teaches to all modalities of learning Reading closely means reading for meaning and understanding.

Close reading demands that students read carefully, pay attention to details and make connections.

Close reading requires practice, so it should be done regularly. This is why Music Monday or Tune Tuesday is the perfect “scheduled” close reading practice each week. This strategy will engage students and get them to explore more. These techniques can be applied to any text.

Lyrics (poetry and music) are like readers embarking on a treasure hunt to discover the hidden meanings. Students read the text several times as they close their eyes.

The resource comprises:

• Lyrics with space for annotation and for easy reference to cite evidence and debate points

• Possible topics of discussion, theme, questions

• Written response template

• Safeshare links for song lyrics video for each song

• Close Readers poster

• Music Monday, Tune Tuesday, or Tune Thursday poster (you decide the day)

• Teacher Tips

• Graphic organizer for figurative language with suggested answers

  • Digital version using Google Slides ™

Songs included: Don’t Give Up On Me, The Greatest Show, Happier, Glorious, Better Place, I Lived, Broken & Beautiful, A Whole New World, The Bones, Believer, Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been, Kill em Wtih Kindness, Everything I Need, Invisible, See You Again, Growing Pains, Try Everything, One Less Day, Thunder, Better When I’m Dancing, A Millin Dreams, Youth, Bad Blood, Without You, I Don’t Know My Name, Whatever It Takes, Part of Me, This Is Me, High Hopes, Natural, Just Like Fire, Best Day of My Life, Rise Up, Scars to Your Beautiful, Have It All, The Champion, This Is My Fight Song, Let It Go, Temporary Home, Brave, Count On Me, Mean, Rachel Delavoryas, Fly, Man In the Mirror, Unwritten, Good To Be Alive, We Could Be Heroes, Cool Kids, Warrior, It’s Your Life, Shake It Off, If You’re Reading This, The Climb, Stressed Out, Keep Your Head Up, Firework, Don’t Laugh At Me, Live Like You’re Dying, Beautiful, My Wish, Everyday Superhero, Confident, If Today Was Your Last Day, Stand In the Light, Roar, Invincible, Human, Bad Day, Lost Boy, Gone, Gone, Gone, and Pocketful of Sunshine

Close Reading Resources also available individually

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My students look forward to this every week! They always ask what song they will get to analyze and listen to for the day. I have had some kiddos think so deep about the songs, they are crying tears of joy, self-assessment, and compassion. Some of them listen to the songs we used on repeat during their end of the day free time. Thanks for the great idea!

My 4th graders love to sing, so this resource was a no-brainer. They love diving into the lyrics and discussing the meaning behind them. Thank you!


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