Close Reading With Music-Engage Your Readers! Vol. 1-Set One | Distance Learning

Close Reading With Music-Engage Your Readers! Vol. 1-Set One | Distance Learning

Useful for the 4th-8th
This is a great tool for 4th- and 5th grade students.

Includes PDF and 37 pages

Music and close reading can be a great way to get your students involved in reading.

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Music allows us to let out our emotions and allow ourselves to feel. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express themselves…why not teach with music in our classrooms?

Music and close reading have many advantages!

• Your students will ENJOY close reading!

• Engaging for all students

• Deepens comprehension

• Promotes student talk

• Cite evidence from text

• Analyze song lyrics (helps with poetry and transfers to other types of texts)

• Improves listening and speaking skills

• Helps struggling readers (listen to lyrics first)

• Teach multiple concepts and skills: theme, inferencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, author’s purpose, observing details and facts,

• Teaches to all modalities of learning

Close reading is about understanding and looking closely at what you are reading. Close reading is about students being able to look closely at what they are reading, as well as listen and notice details.

Close reading is a skill that requires regular practice. This is why Music Monday or Tune Tuesday is the perfect “scheduled” close reading practice each week.

This strategy will engage students and get them to look deeper. These techniques can be applied to any text.

Lyrics (poetry and music) are like readers embarking on a treasure hunt to discover the hidden meanings. When students are close to the text, they read it several times.

This resource includes:

• Lyrics with space for annotation and for easy reference to cite evidence and debate points

• Possible topics of discussion, theme, questions

• Written response template

• Safeshare links for song lyrics video for each song

• Close Readers poster

• Music Monday or Tune Tuesday poster (you decide the day)

• Teacher Tips

• Graphic organizer for figurative language with suggested answers

  • Google Slides – Digital Access

Some songs include: Let It Go!, This is My Fight Song, Brave, Temporary Homes, Brave.

This video shows Close Reading with Music in Action.

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These are SO MUCH FUN!!!! My kids loved it as well as myself. It is so fun when it is songs that I know and can bust out singing too! It was a fun change to doing worksheets. They had great conversation and thinking beyond the text.

I have been trying to find something like this for a few years now. I love using music in my classroom to help reinforce certain ideas and this helps to spiral back to several things that we teach through the year. I can’t wait to pull out these work sheets throughout the year to help them better understand different topics.


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