Collaborative Castle in the Style of Mary Blair

Collaborative Castle in the Style of Mary Blair

This can be used by 3rd-6th grade students.

Includes PDF and 89 pages

A collaborative mural of a castle, in Mary Blair’s style (approx. It can be as small as 4×7 inches, but the dimensions may vary. Mary Blair is known for creating the castle in Disney’s It’s a Small World. A stunning fairytale castle can be created to enhance your show’s art or serve as background for a Disney musical program.

This is the ultimate lesson to take away from reading the book. Pocket Full of Colors: A Magical World of Mary Blair (Disney Artist Extraordinaire)

Take a look at the lesson I have for you. You can draw smaller castles.As well as money savings Bundle of both

Students will be able to:

• OPTIONAL: Read a book about Mary Blair (not included) **

• See an illustration of Mary Blair

• OPTIONAL: Draw their castle design

• Test out a color variations of one color

• Explore media/color combinations

• Add color using their color and media choices

• Cut out their castle square

• Use the tabs to glue the castle together

What you get:

• Teacher Instructions (4 pages)

• Castle Design Ideas (2 pages)

• Dome Drawing Pages (6 pages)

• Clock Face Drawing Pages (6 pages)

• Blank Design Page (1 page)

• Castle Designs (60 pages)

• Door (4 pages)

• Windows (4 pages)

• Mary Blair Portrait (2 pages)

>>>>> A total of 89 pages

Have a look at these PreviewTake a look at these pages.

There are 80 pages included that will create a castle measuring approximately 4 feet high and 7 feet in width. The castle can be arranged in any order you like, with the addition or deletion of pages.

Mix and match media to make beautiful colors. You can also use a blank square and have students create their own designs (plus 60 examples).

** I recommend buying or borrowing The book, Pocket Full of Colors: A Magical World of Mary Blair (Disney Artist Extraordinaire)Use this as an introduction.

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