Collaborative Welcome Poster | Great for Back to School Night or Open House!

Collaborative Welcome Poster | Great for Back to School Night or Open House!

This can be used by 1st-6th grade students.

Included PDF and 35 pages

This mosaic welcome poster can be proudly displayed by your class as a collaborative effort. This poster can be used for your Open House event or a Back to School bulletinboard. 


  • Size of the poster: About 35 inches x 42 inches (exact dimensions depend on your printer settings).
  • Theme: “Welcome”
  • The Poster Pieces 30
  • Each poster print is standard 8.5″x11″ paper. 

Other items:

  • Pictures and written directions
  • Refer to the grid reference sheet when assembling your poster
  • Examples of colored examples
  • Single page coloring sheet 

Your students will require crayons, markers or colored pencils. 

  • The colors were in the standard crayon boxes. However, if you’re using bright colors I recommend that you make this poster pop! 

**********This makes a great door decorationYou can also!**********

Additional Back-to-School Resources

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This is a basic part of my class! It was a disappointment that my students were not able to participate in this last year. However, with virtual learning I needed to set up a BTS/Open House. So we are having an early BTS and will work together to get this up within the first two days of school. It’s an important message and I urge everyone to take it in their hearts! Family is what we are!

It was a pleasure for me to see my students work together! They were all so happy working together! There were no differences.


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