Color By Code GROWING Bundle

Color By Code GROWING Bundle

It can be used as a homeschool, K- 1st or other educational purposes.
This is a common use for first-year students.

Included: PDF, 295 pages

Are your students drawn to color-by-code materials? It would be a great idea to combine art and important skills practice.What are you waiting for?

This Color-By-Code EVERYTHING *growing* BUNDLE includes ALL My past and future Color by Code resources

These activities are appropriate for first and/or kindergarten.

Current Included:

Coloring by word Family ActivitiesA FINAL ADDITIONAL 2-15-17

Activity: Color by Number SenseA QUICK ADDITION 2-15-17

Coloring by Alphabet Letter ActivitiesADDED 2-21-17

Colour by TEEN Number Sense ActivityADDED 02/26/2017

Colour by Digraph ActivitiesADDED 2-17

Long Vowel Color TeamsADDED 3-11-17

Colour by Blends ActivityADDED 3-18-17

Color by Vowel Activities – Short Vowels VS Long Vowels {CVC and CVCe}ADDED 3-25-17

Activity: Color by R Controlled VowelsA SUMMARY ADDED 4-12-17

EXTENSIVE Easter Colour by CodeADDED 4-13-17

EDITABLE Emoji Color By Code {15 pages!}ADDED 5-2-17

Colour by coin activitiesAddition 6-5-17

Word Activity | Sight Word Activities | Editable Color by Code 1 31 18

Groundhog Day Editable Color by Code| Groundhog Day Editable Color by Code 1 31 18

MLK Editable Color by Code| MLK Editable Color by Code 1 31 18

Thanksgiving Editable Color Code– AUGMENTED 11-28-18

Christmas Color EDITABLE by Code– AUGMENTED 11-28-18

Code: New Year’s EDITABLE Colour- AUGMENTED 11-28-18

Valentine’s Day Color Code EDITABLE– 1-15-18

As more skills are acquired, the price of it will rise so make sure you grab it as soon as possible to get the best deal!


What does the GROWING bundle look like?

A growing bundle is a way to “pre-order” certain items before their release. Each addition will be released at a specific time as detailed in the description and preview (see below).

To get these additions,

• Log into TpT

• Go to “My TpT” -> “My Purchases”

• Choose: Sort by > Recently Revised; find product

• Click “download now” to download the product again. Download the zip file to get the PDF.


Do you have any requests? You have requests?

Details can be found in the preview. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before making your purchase.

This has been one of my favourite finds in the past month. This bundle was an easy purchase considering I have IEP goals for my students. You can also color it! If you visit my classroom, there will be at least one child coloring based on the IEP goals.

It’s a great way for my students to learn phonics. You are a great source of inspiration for my kids!


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