COLOR (COLOUR) Wheel for Younger Artists

COLOR (COLOUR) Wheel for Younger Artists

It can be used by K-2nd-grade, homeschool and elementary students.

Included: PDF, 108 Pages

A great way to get K-2 students interested in the color wheel is to use The Color Wheel For Younger Artists. The scripted Color Wheel PowerPoint makes it easy to explain for young artists. The PowerPoint contains everything necessary to explain the color wheel. It can be used to help you with other lessons in art or to teach it the color wheel. 

Also available in this product is a version that includes the Australian/U.K. spelling COLOUR spelling COLOUR. 

6 – Scripted Color Wheel PowerPoint Lessons More than 100 slides: Primary and Secondary colors. Mixing colors. Warm, cool, neutral, and complementary colours.

* To keep it simple for younger artists, only the color relationships listed above are covered in the PowerPoint.

Each PowerPoint Color Wheel Lesson you get:

  • For younger artists, a simple color wheel that only includes 6 colors 
  • Examples of “friendships” on the color wheel 
  • Color Wheel vocabulary
  • Examples of color “friendships” in art
  • Examples of color “friendships” in real life
  • Review section for every lesson
  • Each lesson has a video link
  • For each lesson, print the activity
  • Easy navigation with an INDEX
  • For reference, use the Color Wheel at each slide 

These artists were used to create this Color Wheel PowerPoint. Mondrian. Kandinsky. Vincent van Gogh. Paul Gauguin. William Turner. Monet. Pablo Picasso. Leonid. Afremov

All PowerPoints have been successfully tested in the classroom.

*this product in not editable




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Fantastic unit about colour theory. Thank you for the PowerPoints. We are grateful!

It’s perfect for teaching children how to coordinate colors. When painting flowers, the center and the petals (or any other part of the flower), children used to color-wheel.


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