Common Core Fairy Tale Fun 2

Common Core Fairy Tale Fun 2

It can be used as a 1st or 3rd.
Most commonly used for 1st or 2nd grade students.

Also includes: PDF, 128 pages

The unit was completely redesigned and has more fun! Take a look at the preview for a closer view!

The fairytale pack includes a lot of activities that will be fun for students.

The package includes the following fairytale plays: Little Red Riding Hood (Cinderella), Little Red Riding Hood (The Frog Prince)

You can use the plays in many ways. Keep them in your center or use them for guided reading instruction that emphasizes expression and fluency. Rereading plays is an excellent way for children to express their fluency.

You can cut the pictures or puppets out of either color or black-and-white. The characters can be easily manipulated by your students with a tongue depressor, stick, or ruler.

For durability, print on white cardstock

Reading is simple enough for students in the first grades.

Little Red Riding Hood has six speaking parts.

Cinderella play has 7 speaking parts.

There are 6 parts to the Frog Prince’s play.

Sequencing is where students take apart sentences and place them in the appropriate sequence.

Activity sheets in which students write about the lessons they have learned.

An opinion organizer that includes a Little Red Riding Hood prompt.

Pocket chart for Cause and Effect where students can sort the cause and effect of stories.

Story elements sheets where students can answer who, where and when as well as what, how, and why.

Write the story as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma, the Wolf and the Wolf.

Summary of the Frog Prince, and final draft craft.  

Make it fun. Jane

Another unit, Common Core Fairy Tale Fun is also available. This includes Jack and the Beanstalk and the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three bears

Common Core Fairy Tales

You will also find informational texts and plays about chickens in my Chicken unit.

An ELA and Science Unit for Chickens

It’s the best money I have spent on any resource. This resource has all you need

In story groups, I saved the sections in PDF. These pages were then given to my children in separate packets. The kids loved the puppets. These puppets proved to be a big hit. Many Reader’s Theater performances were reported by families!


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