Complete the Order Task Box Activity- Functional Reading, Life Skills

Complete the Order Task Box Activity- Functional Reading, Life Skills

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Also available in PDF

It includes the following: 120 different task cards and 15 new breakfast food (4 per page), 3 options for plates, 1 diner menuSupport your students with their reading comprehension skills.

Real pictures are used to illustrate food items. The task cards are simple in design and have clear font so that students can easily understand the instructions.

The students have the chance to practice their reading and interpretation skills. This resource is great for transition-aged students and secondary special education.

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This is an activity I am doing with my son (age 20), who has severe autism. He’s nonverbal. It is an excellent task to fulfill orders. The variety of orders allows me to modify the activity or make it more difficult. It is easy to understand and the fonts are clear. The menu allows my son to learn the practical skill of choosing from a menu. It is easy to recognize the food items by their pictures. It might be a good idea to include pictures in order cards. This was a wonderful job.

While I was telecommuting for CovidQuarantine, this was an excellent resource. The instructions were easy to understand and children could follow the steps.


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