Cooking Terms – 5 Day Unit

Cooking Terms - 5 Day Unit

This can be used by 6th-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

The innovative new product will enhance classroom learning. The Cooking Terms 5-Day Unit contains 5 lesson plans, 5 introduction activities, 5 body of lessons, 5 reinforcement activities, 5 evaluation tools, and 5 answer keys. You will find 30 pages worth of content to suit all your needs in the classroom. The following topics can be found:

A-B Cooking Terms; C-D Cooking Rules, Cooking Guidelines E-J, Cooking Guidelines K-P, and Cooking Guidelines R-Z.

Can be used in conjuction with The Cooking Terms PowerPoint also sold on

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Baking Supplies PowerPoint

PowerPoint on Baking Tips

Broth PowerPoint

Cakes PowerPoint

PowerPoint Carbohydrates

Chocolate PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Cooking Terms

The PowerPoint Cookware

The PowerPoint Presentation About Eating Disorders

PowerPoint Eggs

Fish PowerPoint

Food poisoners PowerPoint

PowerPoint Food Prep Tools

Food Storage PowerPoint

Fruits PowerPoint

Grilling PowerPoint

PowerPoint Measurement

Minerals PowerPoint

My Plate PowerPoint

Pies PowerPoint

Protein PowerPoint

PowerPoint for Reading Food Labels

Smart Weight Control PowerPoint

Games & Activities Packet:

50 Food Science & Nutrition Games & Activities Packet

Content, Worksheet & Answer Key Packets:

6 Key Nutrients: Content Sheet, Worksheet, and Answer Key

Fast Food Content Sheet, Worksheet And Answer Key

Food Preparation Tools Content Sheet, Worksheet And Answer Key

The fruit content sheet, worksheet and answer key are available at Fruits.

Measurement Content Sheet, Worksheet and Answer Key

MyPlate Content, Worksheet And Answer Key

Reading Food Labels Content Sheet, Worksheet And Answer Key

1 Day Lessons & Lesson Plans:

6 Main Nutrients Lesson

Basic Food Groups Lesson

Basic Ingredients Lesson

Basic Items Required On A Food Label Lesson

Beans Lesson

Berries Lesson

Beverages Lesson

Buying Groceries Lesson

Buying Meat Lesson

Cakes Lesson

Cheese Lesson

The Common Sections in a Recipe Lesson

Cookies Lesson

Cooking Terms Lesson

Cookware & Bakeware Lesson

Cutting Techniques Used In Food Preparation Lesson

Daily Food Guide Lesson

Description Of Various Cooking Terms Lesson

Lesson on dietary guidelines

Digestive System Lesson

Eggs Lesson

Eating Out Lesson

Fast Food Lesson

Fats Lesson

Fish Lesson

Food Careers Lesson

Food Choices Lesson

Food Poisoning Lesson

Food Prep Tools Lesson

Fresh, Frozen Or Canned? Lesson

Fruits & Vegetables Lesson

Fruits Lesson

Functions & Classes Of The 6 Main Nutrients Lesson

Garnishes Lesson

Grilling Lesson

Jams & Jellies Lesson

Kitchen Organization Lesson

Knives Lesson

Leavening Agents Lesson

Major Appliances Lesson

Measuring Lesson

Meat, Poultry & Fish Lesson

Milk, Cheese & Eggs Lesson

Milk Lesson

Learn about the effects of nutrition on your body

Nuts Lesson

Pasta Lesson

Planning Meals Lesson

Pies & Tarts Lesson

Pork Lesson

Poultry Lesson

Preserving Foods Lesson

Quick Breads Lesson

Regional Cooking Lesson

Safety & Sanitation In The Kitchen Lesson

Safety & Sanitation Lesson

Salad Dressing Lesson

Seasonal Foods Lesson

Seasonings Lesson

A Lesson on Small Appliances

Smart Weight Control Lesson

Table Manners Lesson

Table Setting Lesson

Techniques For Measuring In Food Preparation Lesson

Tips For Good Daily Food Guide Choices Lesson

The Nutrients & Their Functions Lesson

Tools Used In Food Preparation Lesson

Vegetables Lesson

Yeast Breads Lesson


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