COOKING TERMS Word Search Puzzle Worksheet Activity

COOKING TERMS Word Search Puzzle Worksheet Activity

Can be used for 4th – 7th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 2 pages

A worksheet with 60 hidden cooking vocabulary words. This big puzzle promises lots of fun. This can be used as a homework aid or an activity to encourage early finishers. This word search is fun for everyone, even adults!

The basic cooking terms included are: Al Dente, Baste, Beat, Blanch, Blend, Blind Bake, Boil, Braise, Broil, Chop, Clarify, Coat, Cream, Crush, Cube, Dash, Deep Fry, Dice, Dilute, Dredge, Dust, Emulsify, Filet, Filter, Fold, Glaze, Grate, Grease, Grill, Grind, Hull, Julienne, Knead, Marinate, Mash, Mix, Moisten, Mull, Pare, Pinch, Poach, Puree, Reduce, Roux, Sauté, Scald, Score, Sear, Season, Shuck, Sift, Simmer, Steam, Steep, Stir, Toss, Truss, Whip, Whisk, Zest.

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This is a fun activity to do with my FACS students once I complete Cooking Terms.

Thank you for sharing this great resource.


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