Create Your Own Cartouche Art Project with Template (Egyptian Hieroglyphs)

Create Your Own Cartouche Art Project with Template (Egyptian Hieroglyphs)

This can be used by 3rd-6th grade students.

Included: PDF, 7 Pages

The first step is to create your secret language. (Secret Code sheetsYou can buy the individual pieces separately, if you prefer. You can then create your cartouche by using the invented alphabet.

In Ancient Egypt, a cartouche served as a nameplate on a Sarcophagus.

Print and use the Cartouche Template to create a simple print-and-go activity. You can also find images online that will help you show students ancient Egyptian art.

It would be a great idea for naming your school’s back.

To see the entire list of pages, click on the blue preview button.

The lesson plan package also includes the following:

1. Design Your Alphabet Worksheet

2. 2.

3. 2. What exactly is a cartouche? Download this handout

4. How to draw your cartouche

5. Here are some color examples to show how you can finish your cartouche art.

6. Template Blank Cartouche

7. Egyptian Hieroglyphs Alphabet Image

This hands-on experience was a great learning opportunity for my students.

You are a fantastic resource. We are grateful!


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