Dairy Powerpoint for Culinary Arts 1 Course FCS

Dairy Powerpoint for Culinary Arts 1 Course FCS

This can be used by 10th-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 36 Pages

This powerpoint explains dairy in detail. This material can be used in a 1st year high school culinary arts course. Topics covered include: Dairy 101
The Milk Composition
Concentrated Milk Products: Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Dried milk Powder
Butter Packaging
The Cultur…

This site contains lots of information. This book does not contain any memory tricks or brain breaks, so I decided to include some slide activity. It is easy to break down the powerpoints into smaller pieces for faster timeframes. This was very wordy and required some editing to suit my needs. Everything you will need to know is here. I’d definitely purchase from him again.

Very nice! My 8-year old daughter is homeschooled and I was searching for curriculum. It was an elective she chose, so I needed something beyond a cookbook for her teen years. A little pricey to purchase all of your culinary items… I wish you would have had a bundle with a price break! It is rich in information and has engaging graphics. I am using your culinary presentations as my spine, and supplementing with a teen cookbook and the free skill sheets from Jamie’s Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills website. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!


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