Dance Analysis Worksheet

Dance Analysis Worksheet

It can be used as a Homeschool for the 5th through 11th grades
This is mainly used for 6th-grade students.

Included: 1 page PDF

Free Dance Analysis Worksheet – Analyzing Dance Elements When Watching Performances

The PDF file can be printed and used by students as a worksheet to complete while they watch a performance of any kind. The worksheet provides a guideline for the five basic elements of dance and helps students identify, analyse, and explain how they are being used during performances. It is an excellent activity that students can do as part or sub plans to their dance units.

These are also possible options:

General Dance Rubric or Student Self Assessment

The Dance Lesson Bundle includes Creative Dance Cards, Adverb Cards, and Dance Cards.

Lower Elementary: Symbol Movement and Dance Task

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This resource was available to us on an earlier field trip. The analysis was done by students while they were watching the ballet. We could then compare our notes upon returning to school.

It is truly amazing. It’s great that it can be used multiple times to perform different pieces. I know my students will love this format because of all the use this year.


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