Dance Around the World – Research Project

Dance Around the World - Research Project

This can be used by 4th-8th grade students.

Includes PDF and 17 pages

An inquiry-based research project on dance styles from around the globe.


  • Learner’s Goals
  • Successful Criteria
  • The Research Rubric is based on the Ontario Curriculum
  • The Oral Communication Rubric is based on the Ontario Curriculum
  • Refer to this article for 10 different styles of dance
  • A Graphic Organizer to Help Students Complete
  • Completed Level 4 Example (Indigenous Hoop Dance)

When students were studying from home, it was difficult to teach certain lessons like Dance. But this resource made teaching dance much easier and more enjoyable.

This resource is being used with my students right now. This task is fantastic because it’s difficult to actually teach dancing in virtual time. It is easy to link to dance options, but the best part is that there is also a Level 4 example. It is a pleasure to show the students a wonderful example, and how they should perform. We are grateful for the opportunity to share this information.


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