Dance in Pop Culture and Media Research Project

Dance in Pop Culture and Media Research Project

This can be used by 6th-8th grade students.

Includes PDF and 3 pages

Through this Dance in Pop Culture and Media Research Project, students will learn how media and popular culture influence dance appreciation, awareness, and understanding. The project will see students create either a PowerPoint presentation or a Google Slides presentation in which they examine how different types of dancers were represented on one show. The students will conduct research, answer questions and then share their results with the class.

The product contains:

– A handout that outlines all the details of the assignment and explains what to expect.

Rubric for presentation

Chart to track student groups with their selected TV program and music video

The students loved the freedom to choose their favorite shows and music videos. It was an amazing project.

One of my students is creating his own dance appreciation project. This was an excellent idea to give him an outline and an idea. He is also excited about this project which makes it more likely that it will be completed. You win, you win!


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