Dance Lesson – Exploring Feelings in Dance

Dance Lesson - Exploring Feelings in Dance

Can be used for K – 2nd
Mostly used with 1st students.

Includes: PDF, 41 pages

Encourage your students to explore feelings through dance sequences with this introductory dance lesson for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students. This teacher resource allows teachers to create dance sequences for students that explore different emotions through movement. This lesson is ideal for all teachers, regardless of dance experience.

This lesson also includes the Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum and National Core Arts Standards.

These activities are suitable for students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2. Please check the preview if you teach students at another year level.

This resource includes

✫ Dance Lesson Plan (Extended, in-depth version)

✫ Dance Lesson Plan (Condensed, 1 page version)

✫ Teacher Consideration Notes (to support teaching and learning)

✫ Vocabulary and Music Notes (including links to playlists on an external site)

✫ Safe Dance Behavior Poster (in color and black and white)

✫ Teacher Prompt Card for Warm-Up, Exploration, Developing and Cool Down ✫ Activities – to assist teachers during the lesson (in color and black and white)

✫ Exploring Feelings in Dance Note Taking Sheets for happy, sad, angry and surprised

✫ Feelings Cards and Pages

✫ Feelings Event Options to Support Students

✫ Sequence Recording Sheet

✫ Reflection Task (3 versions)

This resource is available in US English in Letter Format and UK/Australian/NZ English in A4 format. Both PDF files are 41 pages long.


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