Dance Lesson – Exploring Hands, Arms and Levels

Dance Lesson - Exploring Hands, Arms and Levels

It can be used to teach K-2nd-grade students.

This includes: PDF (48 pages)

With this lesson, you can introduce dance to your class in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. This lesson focuses on the movement of hands and arms, and how to use levels of dance. It also teaches technique and how to respond to stimuli. This lesson is perfect for teachers of all levels, regardless of dance experience.

This lesson contains outcomes/standards of the Australian Curriculum and New Zealand Curriculum.

These activities were created for kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students. Please check the preview if you teach students at another grade level.

This is a resource that includes

✫Lesson Plan for Dance (Extended and In-Depth Version)

✫ Dance Lesson Plan (Condensed, 1 page version)

✫Teachers Consideration Notes (to help teaching and learning).

✫Vocabulary, Music Notes (including hyperlinks to external playlists)

✫Video Link with a link for a supporting video

✫Safe Dance Behavior poster (in color or black and in white).

✫To assist teachers during lessons, here is a Teacher Prompt Card (in both color and black-and-white)

✫A Student poster for Hand Movement Sequence and Other Levels in Colour, Black and white

✫Material for Students – Animal Prompt pages in Full and Half-Size in Black and White.

The resource can be accessed in US English, Letter Format or UK/Australian/NZ English, A4 format. Each PDF file is 48 pages.


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Beautifully written We are grateful!

We are grateful!


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