Dance Research Project

Dance Research Project

This can be used by 6th-8th grade students.

Also available in PDF

As a summary for the assignment this research-based assignment will be used. DanceA portion Health and Physical Education

It includes the following:

– An outline detailing the assignment, with success criteria

List of Dance Genres Students Can Choose From to Research, Present and Perform for Assignment

This guide is broken into three parts: Step-by-step instructions

The rubric of assessment

My grade 7 students loved this assignment! Because not everyone students are excited about the Dance portion of Phys Ed. this assignment allows students freedom in choosing the dance genre they want to research and the manner in which they share their learning.

It was an excellent project for grade 5/6. This project allowed them to build on what they learned in class and explored different types of dance.

This resource provided clear guidance and options for my students. The resource was simple to understand and aligned well with the curriculum. We are grateful.


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