Dances from Around the World – Presentation

Dances from Around the World - Presentation

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Included: PDF, 13 Pages

Use this video to introduce students and teachers to the different types of dance in all parts of the world.


Beautifully designed PowerPoint that includes details about 12 different dance styles You can find us in many countries across the globe

  • Brazil Capoeira
  • China – Dragon Dance
  • Ivory-Coast – Zaouli
  • French Polynesia Ote’a
  • Ireland – Irish Step Dance
  • Cuba Salsa
  • India Bhangra
  • Ukraine Hopak
  • Tibet – Cham Dance
  • Turkey Sufi Whirling
  • France Can-Can
  • Argentina Tango

Powerpoint does not require any additional equipment and has been successfully tested both on the desktop and in the office. Windows and Mac


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