Desk Drumming with Pool Noodles

Desk Drumming with Pool Noodles

It can be used to make the 6th through 6th grades
This is a common method of teaching 2nd- and 3rd-year students.

Includes PDF and 5 pages

Cardio Desk Drumming: It is simple.

  1. Instead of sitting, get your kids moving around at the desk.
  2. Fantastic Brain Break for Kids
  3. Teach kids about rhythms- Eighth, Quarter, Half and Whole Notes & Rests.
  4. It’s FUNYou will love it!!!!

This video is a hit with my students!  These videos are easy to learn and you don’t even have to be an instructor of music.  You only need old pool noodles. Reduce them for students and you can play the video from your smartboard.

Enjoy some family fun! Youtube Videos All Songs

NOTICE: You will need Google Drive™ in order to access this product. With this purchase, TpT will make a copy of the product and will need your permission to briefly access your Google Drive™ to copy the file to your drive.

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Google Slides also offers other music items

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